5:30 pm17:30

Public Lecture

Public Lecture, Gender Studies,University of North Carolina at Greensboro, More Information Coming Soon

3:00 pm15:00

Public Lecture

James E. McLeod Memorial Lecture on Higher Education, Washington University in St Louis, More Information Coming Soon

Public Lecture, Queer Use, Sexual Culture Series
6:00 pm18:00

Public Lecture, Queer Use, Sexual Culture Series

  • Arts Two Lecture Theatre, Queen Mary, University of London,

The lecture draws from my current research into “the uses of use.” In this lecture I reflect on the gap between the intended function of an object and how an object is used as a gap with a queer potential. I do not simply affirm that potential, but offer instead an account of how institutional and sexual cultures are built to enable some uses more than others. Small acts of use are the building block of habit: use can build walls as well as worlds.  To bring out the queerness of use requires a world-dismantling effort; to queer use is to make usage into a crisis.

Public Lecture. Snap: Feminist Moments, Feminist Movements
7:00 pm19:00

Public Lecture. Snap: Feminist Moments, Feminist Movements

  • Stockholm

Södra Teatern, Stora Scenen May 11, at 19.30

"Snap: the moment she cannot take it anymore. This lecture reflects on snap as a moment with a feminist history. Moments become movements; moments can accumulate, becoming worn threads of connection. Snapping, that moment when the pressure has built up and tipped over, can be the basis of a feminist revolt, a revolt against what we are asked to put up with. The lecture considers feminist movements as snappy movements, suggesting that snap requires a communication system, a way of bringing the violence that is already here to the surface."

The lecture will be followed by a conversation between Sara Ahmed, Anna Adeniji (TRYCK) and Ulrika Dahl (Uppsala University). Afterwards there will be a book launch and signing of Sara Ahmed’s new book in Swedish, Att leva feministiskt at Södran bar. 

This event is for all of us committed to anti-racist feminist analysis and action and is a collaboration between TRYCK, Centre for gender research and Centre for Multidisciplinary Research on Racism at Uppsala University and Tankekraft Förlag. 



150 kr/st

18 Södra teatern opens
19.30 Lecture begins, ticket required
21 release party at Södran bar, all invited

For accessibility, contact Södra Teatern:

Södra Teatern & Mosebacke Etablissement
Mosebacke Torg 1 – 3, 116 46 Stockholm
08 – 531 99 490 (ticket office)



Public Lecture. Institutional as Usual: Diversity, Utility and the University
3:30 pm15:30

Public Lecture. Institutional as Usual: Diversity, Utility and the University

  • Amsterdam Public Library, Theaterzaal OBA, seventh floor, Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 Amsterdam

What does the concept of diversity do in higher education and universities? Feminist author Sara Ahmed, who wrote extensively about racism, sexism, difference, strangerness, and institutions, discusses the concept of diversity in relation to higher education.

Diversity is something one needs to do – at least, if one follows the title of the report of the Diversity Committee at the University of Amsterdam, Let’s do diversity (pdf), published last year. The report, which recommended the University to install a Diversity Unit, received a lot of attention – both positive and negative. Yet, many universities and higher education institutes already have a diversity policy and work with diversity officers. Among them the Vrije Universiteit, Leiden University and Erasmus University.

In universities, the word and concept of diversity is ‘in use’. In this lecture, Sara Ahmed will discuss how understanding how and why diversity is 'in use' as a word and concept allows us to explore how universities are shaped by patterns of use that often go unnoticed. She will be drawing on her research into diversity work first discussed in her book, On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life (2012) as well as her current research on the 'uses of use.' 

Killjoys@work Panel & Launch Living A Feminist Life
4:00 pm16:00

Killjoys@work Panel & Launch Living A Feminist Life

  • Cambridge University


“Living a Feminist Life is about how we connect with and draw upon each other in our shared project of dismantling worlds” -- Professor Sara Ahmed

This panel has been set up to discuss shared feminist and anti-racist projects of dismantling worlds as part of the launch of Sara Ahmed’s new book, Living a Feminist Life. Ahmed uses the figure of the feminist killjoy to describe the work of exposing the violence that is often hidden or normalized as just the ways things are. The killjoy comes up whenever we speak up: she is deemed to cause the violence she exposes. The book is inspired by intersectional feminist activisms, old and new, which develop tactics and strategies for exposing violence, and for sharing the costs of doing this work, from direct action groups such as Sisters Uncut to movements that aim to decolonize the curriculum and to challenge sexual harassment within universities. The panel will be an opportunity to discuss doing feminist work wherever we live and work.